Special software
Not all of the existing solutions and products available now in the market are actually sufficient enough for the business tasks of a particular company. Moreover, the automation of unique business processes requires developing only specialized solution, and such product might not be available in the market at all. An effective economic and technological solution of this problem is creating special software that would comply with all the peculiarities of the customer’s business processes as much as possible.

Special software design, development and maintenance is one of Finport Technologies’ fields of activity. A great experience of our professionals allows us to implement projects of any complexity and to guarantee a high quality of the software products developed by request.

We have a comprehensive approach to implementation and distribution of special developments for our customers. Our Company’s approach to the development process is based on RUP methods which proved to be effective and the CMM (Capability Maturity Model).  

In the process of project development, Finport Technologies professionals make a full stroke: problem definition, documentation design and development, coding, testing and checkout, users training, implementation and maintenance of the software products. 

Entrusting the development and implementation of special software to our Company, you will save much of your time and resources. Not only will you benefit from using the special software, but also have a quick payback.  

Main area:

  • corporate systems design and development, in view of the existing business processes of the company;
  • non-standard functionality modules design for the existing systems;
  • unique business processes automation and special-purpose solutions development;
  • interface design for the existing systems;
  • re-engineering and porting the existing systems, applications integration;
  • business applications development;
  • Internet applications development;
  • database design.
Finport Technologies professionals will be glad to consult you, if none of the above-mentioned projects corresponds the exact description of the project type that you need to implement.  

Platforms and technologies used:
  • Operating systems: Windows XP/2000, Windows NT, Windows 9x, UNIX (SunOS, Linux, AIX, SCO, BSD), DOS 
  • Technologies: Microsoft .NET, J2ME/J2SE/J2EE 
  • DBMS: Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgresSQL, MS Access 
  • Programming languages: C/C ++, C#, Visual Basic, Java, Perl, SQL, FoxPro, Pascal/Object Pascal, PHP, HTML, XML, XSLT, WML, Flash Action Script, JavaScript 
  • Project management: RUP, Extreme Programming