Software Development Model

Finport Technologies, Inc. delivery model is comprised of four building blocks: technical skills, in-depth expertise, defined software development processes and a secure environment. The result is maximum productivity and rapid time to market.
Finport Technologies trends to achieve the highest maturity level by inheriting the best world practices and methodologies of both software development and Company organizing.
Company’s approach is based on the recognized Rational Unified Process model, CMM and developing Total Quality Management system.


Our principles

Principle 1 –Customer-Focused Organization

«We depend on our customers, so we should understand their current and future needs, satisfy their requirements and trend to exceed their expectations».

Principle 2 – Leadership

«Company’s Leaders provide unity of organization’s purpose and direction. They should establish and maintain internal surrounding, in which people could take part in achieving strategic goals of the Company in full measure».

Principle 3 – Involvement of People

«People form the essence of Company on all the levels, and their involvement promote the application of their talents to Company’s good».

Principle 4 – Process Approach

«Expected result is attained more effectively when resources and activities are managed as a process».

Principle 5 – Continual Improvement

«Continuous improvement is Company’s permanent strategic goal».

Principle 6 –Factual Approach to Decision Making

«Effective decisions are based on information analysis».